what offers and coupons can make !

After less than 3 months after the onset of the advertised product of our time , Steve Jobs shocked the world , stopping abruptly release iPhone models at 4GB and cutting the price model for $ 200.

" This is what happens in the high-tech " - as originally Jobs replied to a wave of indignation both owners and critics iPhone. This is what happens when a product trouble, I would have answered .

Loyal fans of Apple, which in some cases camped outside the shops Apple, to be the first to get multifunctional iPhone, now look silly because so quick to respond to novelty. Shamelessness with which Apple has reduced the price so quickly , it was hailed as the most faithful followers of spitting in his address. Not a wise thing to do. Even Apple legend Steve Wozniak personally attacked the Apple criticized in a recent article .

Not surprisingly, a firestorm erupted negative PR and public outrage that has affected everyone, from the blogosphere and the media to talk in the kitchen and beyond.

Jobs handing out coupons for a measly $ 100

In his pathetic attempt to neutralize negativity , Jobs announced that he gives iPhone customers free coupons for $ 100 for the purchase of goods in stores Apple. Ogogo ! Trying to appease the suckers who bought the 8 - gigs “iPhone ” for $ 600 , with a coupon for $ 100 only added insult to injustice .

No refunds, only store coupons ? In my experience , it does not give me any good. Store coupons usually make me buy things that I generally do not need even greater amount than the face value of coupons. If this had happened to me, it would be angered me even more than the decline in prices.

How many things you can do if they wanted to buy a $ 100 in store Apple? A little bit. The only decent item would probably player iPod Shuffle for $ 79. But stop , the most important reason , presumably, people buy the iPhone - is the desire to have a device that can be everything at once. Therefore, you do not need Shuffle.

All this is bad news for the Apple iPhone. Yes , they told us that they sold 1 million phones. But it’s gross, but not in retail. As far as we know, 500 million phones can lie quietly on the shelves of Apple and AT & T. And apparently , phones are always in stock , as reported by us commercials AT & T almost daily.

Moreover, I have never heard of the product, even high-tech products , the price of which would reduce so quickly. Traditionally, companies cut prices when there is a next-generation model , which is faster , lighter and has twice as much memory. It did not have the iPhone, and serious competitors also appeared. The only thing that stops the iPhone - it’s the iPhone itself and its worship of a false idol versatility .

If the iPhone did answer at least some expectations created by his bloated advertising, then Steve Jobs - the most stupid people on earth. The first lesson in any business school : prices do not reduce favorites .

iPod Touch ignored

Very interesting twist in this saga - is the recent emergence of the latest model of ” ipod ” - iPod Touch. At his appearance , basically, did not pay attention to the result of ” ayfonomanii .” After excessive enthusiasm regarding the iPhone and the rapid reduction of price on it , the media is simply not interested in another product from Apple.

Moreover , having new and exciting features that would not have been already included in the iPhone, iPod Touch is of little value in terms of news. This, in general, a smaller iPhone without the phone or email. A deep sigh of disappointment .

This neglect iPod Touch tragic. IPhone cut the ground from under the feet iPod Touch even before the iPod Touch has learned to walk .

iPhone - multifunctionality = iPod Touch

iPod Touch is excellent. iPod Touch - a revolutionary product . iPod Touch - it’s something that does not have “iPhone” .

If the “iPhone” to remove all of its versatility and leave all his great properties , you get iPod Touch. Not all in one, and a great music player .

iPod Touch - it’s a media player with a large capacity touch screen that can connect to the Internet and new mobile Apple store to buy music tracks and videos.

The reason why the iPod Touch is such a wonderful and iPhone so problematic is the fact that the two main functions of “iPhone” - the phone and audio player - are at odds with each other.

And the phone and audio player device are considered essential without which man can not live even a short period of time. Both consume a lot of energy from the battery. Both are used for extended periods during the day.

It is easy to imagine the horror of the middle of the day when you have a low battery . You are out of office, and the battery of your mobile phone ‘s dead ? The horror . You ran 2 miles of the planned four miles run, and your audio player is dead ? The horror .

Jobs likes to create cool stuff. And Jobs - great seller. First, the media , the market and consumers are simply swallowed his goods . But in the end the reality falls on you .

iPhone distracts from Apple

iPhone interferes with Apple, but does not create an additional opportunity . The technology, built on technological whims Jobs, and another specimen in the pursuit of multi-function devices .

In theory, everyone wants to use a single device to have a credit card in your wallet , do shopping in a store and go to work on a flying car. But in reality , most likely, none of that will never come true . The world is built not so.

Size, price , memory, and durability of the battery to burst the bubble of multifunctionality . Since flying cars to computers , media centers , N’Gage, Newton and the iPhone. What should be done Apple - so it tap into its marketing and PR support for the new iPod Touch.

Golden Goose


iPod - it’s the goose that lays the golden eggs for Apple. It is foolish to ignore them and do not give him enough attention. Apple iPod resurrected from the ashes. iPod - the leader in the growing market of mp3-players . iPod - the dominant brand in the United States , covering more than 60 % of the market mp3-players . Sensing a golden goose for granted is not wise in this competitive and fast-moving world . Just ask Dell.

Apple will have to do some serious work in the countries where the iPod less than dominant, and more than vulnerable. In Europe, the iPod is a 20 % market share, which includes a 40 % stake in the UK.

Apple does not need that distraction. It needs concentration. The way to build brand giant is through the conquest of world domination. This is what I did with mobile phones Nokia , Red Bull - with energy drinks and Google - the search on the Internet .

Sure, it’s time for Apple to start mass marketing programs for the iPod in the United States and the rest of the world , as long as it is kept at the height of the brand thanks to its advanced technology and laggard competitors. But the clutter and confusion caused by the iPhone, most likely slow down, spread the iPod and they will not let him on the fast track, where it rightfully belongs.


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